Enjoy your trip by finding Top Ten 4-Star Amsterdam Hotels

Amsterdam Hotels imageAmsterdam derived its name from a dam in the river Amstel. It is the largest and the capital of Netherlands consisting of urban and metropolitan population. Amsterdam is located in the west of the Netherlands which is the part of the North Holland province terminated by the river Amstel in the center of the city. The climate of the Netherlands is moderate with very pleasant summer and mild winter. April and early October attract large tourists. Amsterdam is a city of paradise for its arts, ice skating, canals, tulips, brimming with museums and grand architecture. Alkmaar cheese market, canals, boat tours, Rembrandt Museums, Van Gogh Museums, Netherlands National Parks, photos and videos of Holland are the major attractions of the city. Continue reading to find more about top ten 4 star Amsterdam hotels. (more…)

Advice on choosing the family-friendly hotel in Amsterdam.

Children are the greatest happiness in our lives. But they should not prevent all other ways of happiness. So, if you travel with all members of your family, you want to be sure, that you’ll spend your holidays without any contingencies or bad consequences for each of them. And the duty of the hotel is not only to accommodate your entire family comfortably in the room, but also to provide all the specific services you need. So, before booking the hotel, make sure it meets your requirements. You should always specify exactly what services are available in the hotel. But there are some standard services that are usually offered to families with children. (more…)

Amsterdam hotels near cruise terminal

casa hotel amsterdam

Amsterdam has a fairy tale like quality to it. It is charming as well as mesmerizing. The city still retains its beauty that it possessed during the 17th century. Added to this is the structure of the new age- boutiques, cafes, apartments and hotels. The city indeed has a magic effect to it. You must have walked along the canals a thousand times; it is still enchanting to see the canals and the beautiful scenery of the city. The city is considered to be one of Europe’s major art capitals. It is heavily packed with things to see and do. Amsterdam hotels near cruise terminal in itself is a treat for all. There are three great Dutch museums.  (more…)

Amsterdam hotels with airport shuttle

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Amsterdam is a major tourist destination in Europe. With nearly 5 million conventional tourists and over 16 million day-trippers, the city certainly knows how to draw in a crowd. Amsterdam is known for a large number of tourist attractions, both classic such as museums, parks, historical buildings and old channels, and moderns like the Red Light district, pubs, shops and many others. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful city, regardless of your interests and preferences. The charm of the old city, which boasts a large number of historic sites that date back to the Dutch Golden Age, and the spirit of freedom in the newer parts of Amsterdam will surely make you want to come back for more. And you will certainly need information on Amsterdam hotels before your trip, unless you want to waste your time trying to find a room when you arrive. (more…)

Hotels With Smoking Rooms Near Dam Square Amsterdam

It is harder to find a hotel near Dam Square Amsterdam for trips, because many hotels now have a non smoking policy. There are still a hotels near Dam Square where you can smoke or get a room that allows it. One of the better quality hotels called Hotel de Amsterdam de Leeuw has smoking rooms. Be sure to specify that you want a non-smoking room when booking over the phone or through email. Some hotels do not advertise smoking rooms but still have them so when you call always ask before booking. (more…)

2 star Hotel de Lantaerne in Amsterdam – Elegant and stylish

The Hotel de Lantaerne is a perfect choice for travelers, who want to save money on their room rate. The elegant lodging offers travelers convenient accommodation in 28 cozy, clean and comfortable guestrooms with a charming views over the picturesque canals of Amsterdam. Guestroom capacity varies from 1 up to 4 people and provides accommodation in Single, Twin, Double, Triple Rooms and in Studios.
Lantaerne 2* amsterdam (more…)

Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam


As a city of a huge amount of picturesque views and places of interest, Amsterdam attracts tourists from the world over. From the total number of Amsterdam first class hotels it is necessary to mention the stylish and very elegant Renaissance Hotel.